ReUp is a leading provider of Asset Recovery & Recycling, specializing in offering sustainable solutions that turn obsolete electronic devices into supplemental revenue for your business. Our comprehensive approach allows you to receive the highest possible return on excess inventory and tech-grade products. Once we receive your devices—either directly from your end-users or in bulk from your distribution facilities—our expert technicians will restore, refurbish and/or recycle these parts.

With every device, we will assess and scrub the unit to determine its best return. Data scrubbing ensures personal information is thoroughly deleted from every device. From there, we will maximize your device’s value. We will either:

  1. Refurbish and sell your devices through our numerous channels. Due to our global set of buyers, we’ll recover top dollar for your trade-in devices.
  2. Harvest and resell working components from devices that can’t be refurbished.

Quick turnaround—on your terms.

We can customize an asset and recycling program to best fit your organization, from revenue sharing or outright bulk purchases. Having so many options ensures the shortest possible time from product return to cash.

Responsible Recycling.

Every device restored, refurbished and/or resold through ReUp Asset Recovery & Recycling is one less device being sent to a landfill, upholding our commitment to the environment. Beyond that, ReUp is committed to ensuring that environmentally sensitive materials are disposed of responsibly and in accordance with strict regulatory protocols.