Upholding your brand reputation is our number one priority

Let ReUp’s Call Center Services work for you to improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty scores. Each of our call center members are highly trained and are stationed in-house at our Elk Grove Village headquarters. We offer a scalable agent model, integrated IT systems for transparency, and prompt order tracking and reporting. Each member of our call center team is trained to provide technical support, order status updates and warranty validations.

Precise tracking and reporting

Our Call Center operates with state-of-the-art technology. This includes real-time tracking and reporting systems, ensuring that each member of the call team can, at any point in the process, convey to you or your customers precisely what the status of a particular device is, up-to-the-minute, down to the smallest detail.

Customized to protect your brand and build your business

ReUp offers a customizable go-to-market strategy to seamlessly integrate with your customer engagement strategy and brand position. We can interact with your customers as if we are part of your company. Or, if you need us to interact with your customers as a totally independent, autonomous company, we can do that as well. Either way, ReUp is there from the initial point of contact through the customer satisfaction assessment.

The express purpose and #1 priority of our call center is to uphold your reputation and reinforce the relationships you have with your customers.