ReUp is proud of our consumer-facing business. Why? Because it reveals our passion for satisfying our end-user customers. You know, customers like yours.

Our direct-to-consumer experience benefits you

Consumers can ship their devices to us for direct repair service through our website. We also accept device trade-ins and offer thousands of refurbished products for resale. This means your customers will receive the same quick, expert service that our end-users enjoy when you partner with ReUp.

But the benefits don’t end there:

  • The added volume we handle builds our scalability and underscores our expertise.
  • The experience we gain handling additional product categories means one more area of expertise we can offer you.
  • Dealing directly with end-user customers enhances our understanding of their needs and issues, which we then can apply when dealing with your customers.
  • This additional customer stream gives us more flexibility to scale up or down according to your needs, and to retain our expert techs by keeping them busy.

Customer trust by association

As ReUp continues to build upon our legacy, our brand can only augment your reputation when we work together. We contribute to the trust your customers have for you.