For over 45 years, ReUp has effectively managed returns for manufacturers, service providers, retailers, and liquidators. We have reverse logistics down to a science. With our comprehensive services, ReUp has designed the most cost-effective Returns Management process for businesses like yours. ReUp will handle all facets of the device return lifecycle, processing them quickly to maximize recovery. With returns out of the way, you can get back to focusing on what matters most: your business.

Delivering a high yield on your returns

We understand that time spent managing returns can be money and opportunities lost. Gone are the days of you dealing with repair, refurbishment, asset recovery, and recycling services by yourself. Let ReUp handle the whole process for you. With our certified Asset Management team and highly equipped facility, ReUp can maximize your dollars coming back to you.

What does managing the complete device management lifecycle mean to you?:

  • On-site receiving and same-day processing through our returns certification warehouse
  • Maximized recovery rate of functional vs. nonfunctional products
  • Variable remarketing sources for functional products
  • Rigorous process for maximizing value of cosmetic or functional defects
  • Maximum dollars yielded and low return "as is" sales avoided in the liquidation market
  • Secure handling of returned items

Our Returns Management Team can handle any device dilemma.

Because ReUp has been working with electronic devices for almost half a century, we’ve seen—and handled—pretty much every possible scenario involving device returns. It is not uncommon for us to handle specialized projects of all sorts, including product recalls and those requiring environmentally sensitive disposal. You can place your trust in ReUp.