Digital Camera Repair Technician

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Under the direction of the Technical Service Production Manager, the Digital Camera Technician assembles, services, and repairs components and systems for electronic and mechanical devices by utilizing hand tools, test equipment, and manufacturer specifications in a timely, accurate manner.

Key Responsibilities

  • Disassemble unit to gain access to defect, using hand tools.
  • Examine device to diagnose the problem
  • Test device performance and functionality of key features.
  • Read and interpret engineering drawings, diagrams, instructions, and specifications to determine needed repairs and operation sequence.
  • Requisition parts and materials.
  • Provide quality repairs utilizing only the necessary parts needed to bring the unit to good working condition
  • Calibrate and verify accuracy of light meters, shutter diaphragm operation, and lens carriers, using timing instruments
  • Adjust cameras, photographic mechanisms, and equipment such as range and view finders, shutters, light meters, and lens systems, using hand tools
  • Measure parts to verify specified dimensions or settings, such as camera shutter speed and light meter reading accuracy, using measuring instruments
  • Test equipment performance, focus of lens system, diaphragm alignment, drum and tape transport, using precision gauges
  • Perform a complete quality check of unit, test batteries, cables, media and other digital items to ensure the diagnosed problem has been corrected
  • Clean and lubricate camcorders and polish camera lenses, using cleaning materials and work aids

Competencies/Requirements of the position

  • Minimum of 3 years hands-on experience repairing a variety of Digital Camera models
  • Excellent manual dexterity with small tools and components.
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Ability to show patience and solve/troubleshoot complex technical problems
  • Ability to solder electronic boards and components
  • Basic ability to use computers ie, entering data and retrieving information
  • Passion for learning and working with today's latest electronic equipment
  • Punctual, strong work ethic and dedicated individual who is looking to grow with the company

Key Metrics

  • Productivity-Units repaired while clocked into work
  • Parts-Parts Usage as a % of Revenue by category
  • Quality-Monthly rework as a % of total units repaired and Quality Control failure rate
  • Cross-Training-Expanding repair skill-set to additional device types