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Your Nintendo Wii, 3DS, or DSI is not merely a gaming device–it’s a means to connect with friends and flex your competitive muscle. But, any damage to your device can be devastating. We get that. ReUp offers comprehensive support for a wide range of repairs for Nintendo Wii consoles and 3DS / DSI handhelds, so you can get back to the connected state you love, fast.

ReUp has millions of parts in stock and a dedicated team of 100+ certified repair technicians to get your gaming device back into your hands quickly. What’s more, we offer the Fixed Right or It’s Free Guarantee for every Nintendo gaming device repair. Nobody else in the industry stands behind their work like this.

Ready to move on from your current Wii, 3DS, or DSI? Even in less than perfect conditions, ReUp will pay you industry-leading rates for a variety of Nintendo gaming devices.

Sample Nintendo Gaming Device Repairs*

  • Disc Read Error
  • No power
  • Remote Sync Issue
  • Disc Drive Replacement
  • Hard Drive Replacement/Repair

*Sorry, we do not service damages from severe impact, liquid, or sand, but going forward it’s a best practice to never take your Wii to the beach.

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Ready to move on from your current Wii?
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If your model is not listed, or if you need multiple repairs, contact us. We promise we're not robots. We're actual, live people at our Chicago location waiting to hear from you.