Tips for making text more readable on the iPhone

As iPhone users know, these smartphones are available in varying screen sizes. For some users, a larger screen size is beneficial for seeing photos at a larger size or for using the Web. Some may not want the larger screen though, because it means carrying a larger device that doesn’t fit in a pocket. So if you choose to carry a smaller iPhone with a smaller screen size, you understand that you may be sacrificing some clarity of the screen. To make your iPhone screen more visible, you may want to find a way to magnify the text on the iPhone screen. Use the following tips to create more visible text on your iPhone.

To start, look through your set of icons on the iPhone Home screen until you see the Settings app (marked with a gear or speaker icon, depending on the iOS version in use). Scroll down the list of options and touch General. On the General screen, touch Accessibility. You’ll now have a few options for making the text on the screen more readable.

Large text. Using the large text command is probably the easiest and fastest way to make the iPhone’s text more readable, as this option magnifies the text on the screen immediately. Touch large text, and you’ll see a toggle button on the screen that allows you to enable larger accessibility sizes for text. Then, depending on your version of iOS, you may be able to drag a slider bar to set the size of the text more precisely. It’s nice to have an ability to set up the text at the size you desire.

Bold text. Back at the Accessibility screen, you have the ability to create bold text too. Just slide the toggle button to activate bold text, which may require a restart of your iPhone. The bold text will be thicker than standard, plain text, which may make it easier to read in some circumstances.

Increase contrast. Another option to make text more readable is to use the increase contrast command on the Accessibility screen. You are able to reduce transparency on certain screens, which will make the text stand out better. You also can make use of the darken colors command, which may help some iPhone users see text better than they can with lighter colors.

Display and brightness. Back on the General screen, you can select the display and brightness command to adjust the look of your screen, making it brighter or darker. Depending on the amount of light you have available in the room, you may be able to make the text more readable by using a darker or brighter screen. You’ll just have to experiment a bit to see how these settings can make the text easier to read for you.

Keep in mind that not every app provides support for these methods of improving the readability of text. If all else fails, some apps support the magnification of text by simply dragging your fingertips across the screen in a reverse pinching motion, such as you’d do to magnify a photo that’s displayed on the screen.