Migrating iPhone bookmarks to an Android smartphone

Although many smartphone users are operating system loyalists – always sticking with iOS and Apple or always with an Android based phone – there are times when making the switch to a different operating system occurs. In this case, it can be a little tricky to ensure all of the data and photos stored on the old smartphone make it to the new phone, just because the different smartphone systems don’t always play well together.

However, no matter how tricky this process is, the migration of your data and photos, along with some of your personalized settings, to the new phone isn’t impossible. If you’re migrating from an iPhone to an Android based smartphone, you can use the tips listed below to ensure your bookmarks go from the iPhone to the Android phone. Bookmarks, sometimes called Favorites, are Web addresses you’ve saved, allowing for quick access to them again later.

Use iTunes. Perhaps the easiest way to transfer bookmarks from an iPhone to an Android smartphone is through iTunes. To make this process work, you must be using the Safari Web browser with your iPhone, which most people do. Then open iTunes and find the Sync Bookmarks command. (You’ll have to connect your iPhone to your computer to make the connection with iTunes.) Basically, you will be using iTunes to sync those bookmarks with either Safari or Internet Explorer on your computer.

Once the bookmarks are synched, you can then import those bookmarks into Google Chrome on the computer. In Chrome’s Settings window, select the Import Bookmarks and Settings command. If you imported the iPhone bookmarks into Internet Explorer, you can directly import those bookmarks into Google Chrome. If the iPhone bookmarks are in Safari, you’ll have to export the bookmarks from Safari into an HTML file, from which you can import the bookmarks into Google Chrome.

With the bookmarks now in Chrome, you can connect your Android device to the computer and sync it with Chrome. You’ll just have to sign into your Chrome account on the Android smartphone, and the bookmarks should sync between the Android device and your computer automatically.

Use iCloud. If you have no way to connect your iPhone to a computer via a cable, you can attempt to migrate the iPhone bookmarks to your Android smartphone using iCloud (so don’t cancel your iCloud subscription too quickly after deciding to switch from iOS to Android).

When you have iCloud open and you’re signed in, access the Control Panel. Place a checkmark near Bookmarks and click Options. Select Google Chrome as the browser where you’d like to export your bookmarks from Safari. You’ll then have to install the iCloud Bookmarks extension for Google Chrome on your computer. Once that’s done, your iPhone bookmarks will be available on Chrome on your computer. Then sync your Android smartphone to your computer to access the bookmarks, as described above.