Options for spreadsheet software/apps on an Android tablet

Those who own tablets use them for a variety of reasons, including social media, scrolling through photographs, and streaming video. But if you need your Android tablet to perform more work-related tasks, such as running a spreadsheet, you also have that option. That’s one of the great things about tablets: They have plenty of versatility as a computing tool. Continue reading to learn more about adding a spreadsheet app to your Android tablet.

Google. Because Android and Google are intertwined as operating interfaces, it shouldn’t be surprising to know that Google’s spreadsheet option – Google Sheets – is one of the best spreadsheet apps for Android tables. It easily imports Microsoft Excel files. Google Sheets have plenty of features that you’d expect to find in a pay app, but Google Sheets is free. And if you already use many aspects of Google, such as Gmail or Google Drive, adding Google Sheets to your list of apps is a no-brainer.

Microsoft. Speaking of the king of spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel, you can download a Excel-only app for your Android tablet, or you can download the entire Microsoft Office suite as an app. This is a relatively recent move by Microsoft, making its classic Excel spreadsheet available on Android tablets. You can maintain all of the formulas and formatting that you’ve used with your Excel files on a computer when you migrate to Office and Excel for Android, both of which are free with in-app purchases available.

Polaris. The Polaris suite of office apps, including a stand-alone spreadsheet app, are free to download to Android tablets, although you can pay a small monthly fee to unlock advanced features. The spreadsheet app has a nice collection of features, making it work well as a spreadsheet option on your tablet, but it won’t be as powerful as Excel unless you purchase the advanced version.

WPS. The spreadsheet app found in WPS Office will give Android tablet users a basic spreadsheet that doesn’t quite offer the features found in Excel. Yet it’s a very popular download for Android tablets because it’s completely free and because it has enough basic features to make it work well for someone who doesn’t need the complexity of an Excel-type spreadsheet.

Zoho. If you’re someone who uses some Zoho apps with your Android tablet already, the Zoho Docs app, which includes a basic spreadsheet function, is worth considering. It’s free and it contains only the bare bones of spreadsheet functions, but that will be plenty for many Android tablet users.